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today i promised my cousin that we’ll watch tifos for the first time together /gulps loudly

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ok so this is a long stupid cheesy post-dogam headcanon (basically i like to think that this is what happened) and i already posted it as a part of my dogam review on goodreads but i need this on my blog. also i hope that more talented people who are into cheesy karou x akiva moments (im sorry it’s so long i carried away) will read it and maybe get inspired to draw some fanart ooops

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did i just save the badassliraz url???? hell yes i did

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i just read another headcanon about akirou & co in 30 years’ time and it stressed the hell out of me ok. like, do you realize that humans have life spans that are much shorter than seraphims’ and chimaeras’ and that humans age much faster. remember how in dosab akiva said that he was 50(ish?) years old yet he still looks young and gorgeous and not really different from how he looked when he first met madrigal 20 years ago?

i won’t deny that i’m obv suffering from the bella swan syndrome but this is not the only problem. it means that karou will age and die (nOPE) much sooner than akiva. (nopenopenope) this stressed me out so much that i literally stared at my screen panting and sweating for 10 mins straight

so hERE IS my headcanon: karou allows herself to use one of the wishes. so she wishes herself to age as slowly and live as long as akiva does (or at least as a regular chimaera/seraphim idk) so they can be together until the end (i’m cheesy when it comes to karou and akiva shut up) or at least that she can be as young and powerful as possible as she and the others learn and prepare for the upcoming big thing u kn (nope nope not a spoiler!!)

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also pls does anyone have any idea or at least some assumptions about

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ok so

headcanon #1

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Day 10: a character from a book (not a movie)

Issa from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

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some questions that’ve popped up while discussing dogam….



- Diana

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#thiS IS SO GOOD I WANT TO DIE #and is super close to how i imagine her #it's officially my new favourite karou drawing #hanan pls look at this #daughter of smoke and bone #perfection #fanart


me and nicoco being dumb on twitter: the thrilling sequel

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I’m reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone and there’s this really cute part where our female lead is supposed to be dancing down this road to a masquerade ball (she’s got a bird mask, I imagine it to look like a Victorian Doctor’s mask) and no one will dance with her, for other complex reasons. 

This other really chill guy comes up to her, though, and is dancing with her. She thinks she knows him, but can’t be sure. She mentions he’s wearing a horse mask, and it supposed to be mysterious and stuff, but now all I see is


#don't worry that's how we all saw it #(except that in my head he was topless) #(akiva's topless in my head most of the time fucking teen wolf) #daughter of smoke and bone


i hereby revoke my drawing privileges 

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the force is not strong with this one

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