i’ve read too many posts made by people filled with too much negativity towards new girl’s third season and now i can’T ENJOY THE NEW EPISODES THE WAY I DID BEFORE

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omg yes edward tasting her tears was hella weird i read that part & was like woop let's just pretend that didn't happen okay cool moving on..

i die a little inside every time i read it what waS STEPHENIE EVEN THINKING


Keeping Up With the Cullens - Episode 13, pt 4

eta: Bella’s lines in this episode are directly from the book starting from “I realized there were tears in my eyes.”

hoLY SHIT ppl on tumblr are doing a twilight read along and i want to throw myself through the window because i’m so not in the mood i’m hella sad

"i feel powerful in autumn when it’s cold and dark" yeah sure the amazing time of the year when i can’t leave the house without freezing and all kinds of viruses are aiming at me and the seasonal affective disorder kills all of my motivation just greAT BEST TIME OF THE YEAR

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talking to teachers through facebook chat iS SO FUCKING WEIRD